Fleeting Memories

These two sisters have the sweetest relationship.

These two sisters have the sweetest relationship.

When I was a child I went back and forth between my mom’s and dad’s house quite a bit. They also each moved quite often and they never lived close to each other. This resulted in my changing schools and homes more times than I can count. Add that to my “head in the clouds” type personality and it resulted in my not having all that many memories of my childhood.

I am so incredibly thankful for all the photos that my Grandpa Siders took. It is because of those photos that I am able to recall some fleeting moments in my childhood. I love those photos. It is fun to remember how we dressed, what our family members looked like (those hair styles!) and even what our homes looked like over the years.

I didn’t always feel that way, though. When I was a kid I HATED having my picture taken. My Grandpa would take us outside, face us to the sun and there we would stand…trying our best to keep smiling…our eyes squinting and watering from the bright sun shining in them. It felt like it took forever for him to take that photo! As I got older, my love for being in front of the camera never improved, but my love for taking photos grew.

I have always taken lots of photos of my kids. I love them. They love them. But recently it became even more important to me to not only capture the “smile at the camera” photos, but to capture the real life photos. The day to day moments and quirks of my children. Those things that make each of them so unique and special.

My oldest son has long since left the nest and living his adult life, my 20 year old daughter won’t be spending too many more years home with us and my 19 year old son is heading off to begin his career with the Marines in just a few short weeks. I am pretty sure my other three kids will be grown ups in a blink! Oh my heart! I suddenly feel like my time with my kids is so short and I just want to capture it all! I don’t want to ever forget about these things that I think I will never forget, but I do. So…I bring out my camera…a lot. Does it annoy my kids sometimes? Yes! But one day, they will love looking at all of these photos just as much as I love looking at the ones my Grandpa took of me.

My favorite house to visit is my Aunt Maryla’s house. Her walls are covered with photos of her loved ones. It always makes me feel loved to see that some photos of me made it onto her wall, too. My kids feel loved when they look at their photo albums full of memories that I preserved for them. Sorry to the three kids that are still waiting for their albums! Haha! I do have the photos, though! I want to encourage you, friend, bring out your camera. Take those photos…even when your kids roll their eyes at you. And most importantly, get into those photos with them (preaching to myself here, too)! I also recommend that you get professional photos done every two years. That gives you lots of time to save for the photo shoot. Then make sure you print those photos (preaching to myself again, here)! Get them on your walls. You won’t regret it.

Memories. Preserved. Forever. Let’s not let the memories fade away.



Paula Garcia